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Say hi to Poindexter—the next generation of predictive healthcare analytics—here today! By identifying potential areas of high risk/high spend early—before they become larger, more costly problems—Poindexter delivers limitless opportunities for significant health plan savings. Watch below to learn more!

Health Analytics Solutions for Brokers & Consultants

The Poindexter Health Analytics Platform strengthens broker and consultant portfolios by providing a dynamic tool that helps optimize healthcare management, reduce health risks/high cost claims, and lower overall healthcare expenses.

With Poindexter, brokers and consultants can customize cost-savings actions and strategies that are easy for self-funded employer clients to understand and implement. Supporting admission and readmission prevention 6-12 months in advance has never been easier.

Brokers and consultants can also utilize Poindexter to generate executive summary reports suitable for renewals and periodic client meetings, access program measurement tracking features to ensure value is being achieved through care, and complement the services provided by TPAs and Health Plans to help employers better manage risk.

Employers need a clearer view of what’s happening with their health plan and guidance on action steps they can take to improve health outcomes and lower costs. Poindexter is the tool brokers and consultants can use to deliver this level of actionable insight.

Poindexter can help APH broker clients deliver more value-added services to their employer groups by:

  • Maintaining historical plan performance data even if carrier or PBM changes take place
  • Supporting wellness and closing gaps in care
  • Reducing inappropriate ER utilization
  • Supporting medication adherence and reducing medication risk and costt
  • Consolidating data from multiple HPs, TPAs and PBMs
  • Providing a clear understanding of specialty drug costs (in-patient and out-patient)
  • Giving them the ability to select high performing providers in a narrow network
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Our Solutions


Deep support of client-specific reporting and dashboard needs as well as findings and actionable recommendations – including quarterly strategic business reviews. Consultative support and executional guidance for building programs that improve member health, positively impact utilization and reduce costs.

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I Am! Clinical

The Advanced Plan for Health I Am! solution transforms actionable insight into targeted action. We provide advanced and proven longitudinal analytics through our Poindexter platform and combine them with our proven I Am! nurse advocates, resulting in improved impact on the health and well-being of those in need.

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Poindexter Predictive Modeling Engine

Poindexter is our data analytics risk engine custom-built for population health management. This tool provides dynamic, reliable insight into your population. With Poindexter you have access to essential insights in just a few simple clicks, whether you are at the strategic, provider or clinical user level.

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