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Poindexter Is Now VP CLAIMs Insights!
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Advanced & Predictive

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Dynamic Data, Dynamic Modeling, Dynamic Healthcare Analytics

Advanced Plan for Health’s Poindexter predictive modeling engine delivers actionable insights through smarter healthcare analytics.

Get to know Poindexter, our healthcare analytics risk engine custom-built for population health management. This tool provides dynamic, reliable insight into your population. Whether you are at the strategic, provider, or clinical user level, with Poindexter you have access to essential insights in just a few simple clicks. Our technology gives you the guidance to work smarter and stay focused without losing the “big picture” perspective on your healthcare analytics. Macro trends can be detailed and compared over time with the ability to drill to specific drivers in minutes —all at your fingertips. No need to wait for answers you need today to stay on track.

Poindexter enables revolutionary predictive modeling by looking at the whole individual—as well as group trends—by examining hard data in a practical format and factoring in the impact of rapid changes in healthcare. The result is the ability to predict conditions, trends, gaps in care, admissions and re-admissions six to twelve months in advance. This analysis of individuals within a population ultimately identifies opportunities and risks—key information in the creation of APH’s customized action plans. It’s what we call smarter healthcare analytics.

Revolutionary Predictive Modeling

Calculate conditions, gaps in care, hospital admissions, as well as re-admissions six to twelve months in advance. Find those that could benefit from care management, compliance with preventive and condition-related best practices, and participation in health activities. Make plan changes to steer business, drive better health and lifestyle changes and provide guidance at all levels—(1) Low Risk: prevention/ maintenance, (2) Moderate Risk: chronic condition management, and (3) High Risk/ Utilization: the 5-7% spending the majority of your resources. Use Poindexter to identify those in each category, especially the ones who are current high utilizers and those within months of being high-risk utilizers without targeted intervention.

A Distinct View

Granular data views and analysis help you understand healthcare costs, care delivery and quality at the individual level, as a company, and allows you to compare to other companies or similar industries.


You have unique challenges—what you need to view, measure or adjust will be exclusively tailored to your needs.

Advanced Quality & Precision

Individual claims data and real-world factors, such as where people live and their behavior patterns, are used in assigning and updating risk scores to individuals within your population.


Advanced Quality & Precision

North Kansas City Hospital is an integrated healthcare system with 451 licensed beds, more than 3,000 employees, and 508 physicians representing 46 medical specialties. While maintaining stable benefits, integrated health system's collaborative health plan strategy has contributed to a cumulative savings of over $200 million in the past 12 years. Read More

More Solutions

I Am! Clinical

The Advanced Plan for Health I Am! solution transforms actionable insight into targeted action. We provide advanced and proven longitudinal analytics through our Poindexter platform and combine them with our proven I Am! nurse advocates, resulting in improved impact on the health and well-being of those in need.


Deep support of client-specific reporting and dashboard needs as well as findings and actionable recommendations – including quarterly strategic business reviews. Consultative support and executional guidance for building programs that improve member health, positively impact utilization and reduce costs.

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