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Poindexter Is Now VP CLAIMs Insights!
Cruise on over to Virgin Pulse to stay up to date on our advanced analytics tools and insights. Our website is moving to Virgin Pulse July 2022.

Full-Service Consultation

Data Insights from Deep Expertise

Our expert consultative resources know from deep experience how to turn data insights and predictions into immediate and impactful action.

They know how to bring together disparate resources to impact the highest risk and highest cost areas—such as plan and Rx design, network management, nurse navigation, disease and case management—that each client is facing. Maybe most importantly, they implement a solution for measuring program effectiveness.

They deliver:

  • Deep support of client-specific reporting and dashboard needs as well as findings and actionable recommendations—including quarterly strategic business reviews
  • Consultative support and executional guidance for building programs that improve member health, positively impact utilization and reduce costs
  • Consultative support in developing impactful employee outreach and communication strategies to increase program adoption and participation—multi-channel
  • Measurement of clinical and wellness program financial and utilization
  • Design, launch and ongoing management of Nurse Navigator programs
  • Guidance in engaging Providers to reduce Gaps in Care and medication risk
  • Guidance in network and Rx management to address areas of concern
  • Guidance, outreach and collaboration with UM / CM / DM vendors
  • Guidance in engaging providers to gain access to clinical resources and create direct contracting relationships
  • Consultative support with Stop Loss
  • Other services as required

More Solutions

I Am! Clinical

The Advanced Plan for Health I Am! solution transforms actionable insight into targeted action. We provide advanced and proven longitudinal analytics through our Poindexter platform and combine them with our proven I Am! nurse advocates, resulting in improved impact on the health and well-being of those in need.

Poindexter Predictive Modeling Engine

Poindexter is our data analytics risk engine custom-built for population health management. This tool provides dynamic, reliable insight into your population. With Poindexter you have access to essential insights in just a few simple clicks, whether you are at the strategic, provider or clinical user level.

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