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Lead Recycling: 3 Suggestions to Warm Up Cold Leads

Inevitably, leads go cold – it’s their nature. And let’s face it, for many companies in niche B2B markets, good leads are a finite commodity. Because there are only so many leads available in such markets, recycling leads properly holds added importance. But there is a difference between a cold lead and a frozen one, and it’s important that you don’t push a cold lead into the frozen tundra of no-return by soliciting. Instead, if you follow these simple suggestions, chances are you’ll be able to warm up some of those cold leads.

Offer real value within email:

A safe and simple way to nurture cold leads is to run a cold lead campaign. These campaigns are different from other campaigns in that the lead has presumably already heard your elevator pitch, they already know the services you and your product provide. One question you should ask yourself is whether they truly understand your value proposition. Value is a commodity few can easily defer. For this reason, be sure to provide value within the email itself. Examples include, but are not limited to, free eBook downloads, ROI calculators, product discounts, free consultations or opportunity assessments. Make sure the content within the email itself is worth opening.

Research, and solve their problems:

When it comes to making a cold lead warm again, research plays a key role. Research can be time-consuming and requires due diligence but in the end, if you do not know what issues your cold leads are facing, you won’t know how to optimally present your value proposition to them. Surveys, and questionnaires to similar demographics and leads can provide great insight. Your website analytics can also yield valuable information on the topics and issues similar leads show the highest interest in.

Keep it short and sweet:

A lead can go cold for various reasons, so it is important to be prudent in constructing your email message and content. Try to avoid the assumption that the lead has lost interest. Perhaps a competitor has stepped in and won them over, but maybe they have simply been too busy to respond (side note: this is one reason why it’s important to know your lead sales cycle). The best way to avoid assuming what will work and what fails is to follow a good rule of thumb – keep your message succinct, valuable and actionable.

Recycling leads has proven to be a useful and worthwhile endeavor for many companies. But there’s a process to maximize your effectiveness. This infographic flow chart by can help you visualize this process of effectively re-engaging prospects when leads go cold. Above all, give a cold lead enough days, after they’ve opened your email, to consider and evaluate the information you’ve provided but don’t hesitate to let cold leads go once it is time. 


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