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Advanced Plan for Health’s Poindexter

Today, many data analytics providers are aggregating the vast amounts of data necessary to assess and manage risk. However, in order to truly derive value from data, and ultimately create a practical action plan to reduce costs, the human element of know-how is essential. At APH, we combine precise data and specialized expertise to convert data into answers effectively and efficiently. With the aid of Poindexter, our data analytics engine, APH quickly identifies patterns and pinpoints problems with in-depth detail in order to stabilize and reduce cost moving forward. So it is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of Poindexter, our most novel partner in the endeavor to assess and manage Population Health risks, and expenses. When one asks the right questions, one finds the best solutions.

Why Phenotype?

Poindexter is our analytics risk engine, devised with sophisticated Phenotyping capabilities for the purpose of displaying to our clients the hidden variables, and prevention opportunities found in data information.

  • Expose risk trends, and with revolutionary predictive modeling, identify utilization opportunities to manage high risk, and improve care quality. 

  • Access information typically deferred by our competitors, but important for determining risk trends associated with the 5-7% that drive the cost of health plans up.

Poindexter Data

Poindexter is able to compare, contrast and analogize data to pinpoint patterns, trends, and ultimately discover opportunities for risk and cost prevention. Your company’s data is incorporated throughout our entire action plan process so we may proactively create and implement plans that will improve the health of populations, while bending the cost curve. With Poindexter’s Phenotyping accuracy of personalized participant behavior and exceptional drill-down abilities, we are able to determine what works and what fails to produce quality improvement, cost reduction, and risk prevention with greater precision. Each set of data that is added to Poindexter’s ever-growing database exponentially increases the extent of observable and computable scenarios, which refines our ability to decipher what works and what does not work – on a personal level – with improving precision and scope of causal inference.

Utilizing Poindexter’s unprecedented focus on the entirety of the population, APH is able to predict and provide insight into future population costs that can be mitigated today. Once Poindexter has provided the data integration and analysis necessary to create a practical solution plan, we move forward with Poindexter as guide.

  • Poindexter is capable of interacting with the various dimensions of healthcare, which provides our investors the foresight to implement cost-prevention schematics on all levels.

  • APH provides oversight and access to Nurse Navigation services.

Together, we will actively create incentives for your employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the guidance necessary to avoid fore unforeseen pitfalls, and the know-how to adapt, and concurrently evolve with Healthcare management.


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