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Healthcare analytics is a software as a service (SaaS) technology used by modern Brokers, TPAs, Employers, and others, to drive impactful change in the health and lifestyle of plan members who need it most.

The ability to change unhealthy lifestyles for the better is essential for quality health plan performance. However, changing lives for the better is a difficult culture challenge that requires intricate planning, consistent engagement, personalized targeting, and leadership commitment and buy-in.

Developing a great health plan strategy with health data analytics at your fingertips keeps you one step ahead.

Health data is full of actionable opportunities that today are used to prevent health costs related to unhealthy lifestyle choices. For example, by using health analytics to identify opportunities and map out an actionable path for intervention, North Kansas City Hospital (NKCH) was able to develop a health plan strategy that has contributed to a cumulative savings of over $200 million in the past 12 years.

Health is about Humans

The improvement of the health and wellbeing of any population is largely contingent on human action. If targeted member and dependent communication / education is not used to inspire action that leads to change, the overall usefulness of health analytics is left unrealized.

On the other hand, without excellent health data reporting and accurate predictive modeling, engagement will be lacking. There needs to be a correspondence between the quality of health data and commitment to member engagement for significant health plan performance to be achieved.

Batteries Not Included

Health data is only as effective as the interpretation and application of the opportunities it reveals. Those who reap the rewards of health analytics understand that data and reporting is a foundation for success from which to build upon.

NKCH was in part successful because they developed a benefits plan that included monthly meetings to review performance and develop strategies for improvement using the information reported through health analysis. The results:

  • 85% of employees complete an annual health risk assessment
  • 60% of employees fully participate in wellness program
  • 80% of health plan’s adult enrollees utilize an integrated system

Expressing commitment to the health plan population and building trust are two additional elements needed to generate quality health plan outcomes. These can be established through consistent performance analysis, ongoing communication, and commitment to the member experience.

One-off, randomized communication is not effective enough to generate the interest required to change lifestyle behavior. Strategic and multi-channel outreach at key touchpoints is more likely to increase member participation.

Additionally, incentives that are perceived as valuable by the population can have a powerful impact on member experience, participation, and outcomes. Discounts on insurance premiums may be a safe incentive to offer, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Other areas where health analytics can help provide a better member experience include:

  • Improved screenings and annual checkup rates
  • Tools for physician engagement
  • Medication adherence support
  • Retainment and member loyalty

Not only do health analytics identify individuals who are most at risk of a health event or hospital admission, they also identify the communication channel those very members are most likely to engage with.

Some individuals are more receptive to email communication, others may prefer text messaging and yet others are most comfortable with social media outreach. Essentially, health data helps refine member communication and education strategy.


A healthy and happy workforce leads to improved health plan performance and cost stabilization, as well as employee retention and productivity.

Contact us to learn how APH utilizes health data to support various health initiatives and health plan performance.


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